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Sweating in Noida’s heat this summer? Renting an air conditioner provides an affordable way to beat the heat at home or work.

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We are in the noida market from 14+years

“Welcome to AC Rentals Noida, the leading provider of air conditioner rentals in Noida, Greater Noida and nearby regions.”

With a large inventory of over 1000+ air conditioners in various models and capacities, we are able to meet high customer demand during peak summer months. Our collection includes the latest offerings from brands like Samsung, Voltas, LG, Whirlpool, Daikin and more.

Our Services

Get Satisfied with the services we provide A to Z in cleaning

Get ACs on rent without any broker or agent. As an online rental service, we provide ACs rental services directly to you.

Rent the latest models of indoor ACs from leading brands. Quick installation and service.

We recommend 1-1.5 ton ACs for 120-180 sq ft rooms. Bigger rooms may need 2 ton capacity.

  • Window AC for Rent
  • Split AC for Rent
  • Tower AC for Rent
  • Portable AC for Rent

What does the Average Cost of getting an AC on Rent?

  • Window AC rental for 6 months costs around Rs. 7,499
  • Split AC rental for 6 months costs around Rs. 11,500
  • Portable AC rental for 6 months costs around Rs. 10,000


Most AC rental services include installation, servicing, and maintenance within the rental cost. If the AC stops cooling, they will repair it for free or replace it.

Why Choose Us

  • Save on upfront purchase costs
  • Flexible 1 month to 1 year rental contracts
  • Free maintenance and repairs
  • No deposit or hidden fees
  • We handle gas refills, repairs, and breakdowns
best ac on rent company in noida

Split AC on Rent in Noida

This summer, stay cool with our split AC rentals. Choose from 1.5 or 2 ton capacities to efficiently cool large rooms up to 600 sq ft. Rent advanced inverter models from top brands starting Rs. 11500. Free installation and maintenance included. With eco-friendly features, our split ACs provide whisper-quiet cooling for your home or office without high electricity bills.

Tower/Standing AC on Rent in Noida

Save floor space and stay cool with our tower AC rentals. Choose from 1.5-2 ton capacities with wide-angle airflow to efficiently cool rooms up to 400 sq ft. Rent premium tower models starting Rs. 17,000. Free installation and maintenance included. With advanced features and minimal noise, our tower ACs provide the perfect cooling solution for your living spaces or offices.


Window AC on Rent in Noida

Beat the heat with our window AC rentals. Choose from 1-1.5 ton capacities perfect for efficiently cooling small rooms up to 120 sq ft. Rent affordable window AC models starting Rs. 7499. Hassle-free installation and maintenance included. With simple controls and quiet operation, our window ACs provide the ideal cooling solution on a budget.

Portable AC on Rent in Noida

Portable AC on Rent in Noida

Stay cool anywhere with our portable AC rentals. Compact units with caster wheels to easily move room to room. Advanced models with 1-1.5 ton capacity for cooling areas up to 150 sq ft. Rent from just Rs. 10,000 with free delivery and installation. With adjustable louvers, programmable timers and easy maintenance, our portable ACs provide targeted spot cooling for total comfort.

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How to Get an AC on Rent: What’s the Process?

We make summer cooler

Renting an AC is quick and easy:

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Enjoy Cooling

Enjoy cool air with zero maintenance hassles!

We are committed to give our best services

We add the latest AC models from leading brands to our rental fleet every season. Get new ACs on rent with the latest features.

Areas We cover for Air Conditioner on Rent in Noida

We provide split ac on rent and window ac on rent. Starting @7499 only

AC for rent in Noida – Sector 74, Sector 110, Sector 12, Sector 134, Sector 18, Sector 22, Sector 37, Sector 41, Sector 44, Sector 45, Sector 51, Sector 52, Sector 73, Sector 75, Sector 100, Sector 104, Sector 28, Sector 34, Sector 36, Sector 47, Sector 48, Sector 61, Sector 10, Sector 55, Sector 56, Sector 50, Sector 78, Sector 137, Sector 149, Sector 149A, Sector 149B, Sector 14A, Sector 15, Sector 150, Sector 150A, Sector 151, Sector 151A, Sector 152, Sector 153, Sector 154, Sector 118, Sector 119, Sector 120, Sector 121, Sector 122, Sector 123, Sector 124, Sector 125, Sector 126, Sector 127, Sector 128, Sector 129, Sector 130, Sector 131, Sector 132, Sector 133, Sector 134, Sector 135, Sector 136, Sector 137, Sector 138, Sector 139, Sector 139A, Sector 139B, Sector 14, Sector 140, Sector 140A, Sector 141, Sector 142, Sector 143, Sector 143A, Sector 143B, Sector 144, Sector 145, Sector 156, Sector 157, Sector 158, Sector 159, Sector 15A, Sector 16, Sector 160, Sector 161, Sector 162, Sector 163, Sector 164, Sector 165, Sector 166, Hajipur, Hosiery Complex, Khora Colony, Mamura, Noida Extension, Parthala Khanjarpur, Sarfabad.

AC on rent in Greater NoidaSector 137, Gaur City Noida Extension, Sector 120, Sector 15, Sector 19, Sector 78, Sector 62, Sector 49, Sector 50, Sector 71, Sector 82, Noida Extension, Sector 18, Sector 19, Gaur City 2, Gaur City 1, Sector 119, Sector 120, Sector 135, Sector 16B, Sector 16C, Sector 1 Noida Extension, Sector 2, Sector 3, Sector 4, Sector 16, Bahlolpur, Baraula, Bhangel, Chaukhandi, Gadarpur, Sector 1, Sector 10, Sector 30, Sector 31, Sector 32, Sector 33, Sector 33A, Sector 34, Sector 35, Sector 36, Sector 37, Sector 38, Sector 38A, Sector 39, Sector 4, Sector 40, Sector 41, Sector 53, Sector 54, Sector 55, Sector 56, Sector 57, Sector 58, Sector 59, Sector 6, Sector 60, Sector 61, Sector 62, Sector 62A, Sector 63, Sector 64, Sector 65, Sector 66, Sector 67, Sector 68, Sector 69, Sector 7, Sector 70, Sector 71, Sector 72, Sector 73, Sector 74, Sector 75, Sector 86, Sector 87, Sector 88, Sector 89, Sector 9, Sector 90, Sector 91, Sector 92, Sector 93, Sector 93A, Sector 76, Sector 77, Sector 78, Sector 79, Sector 8, Sector 80, Sector 81, Sector 82, Sector 83, Sector 84, Sector 84A, Sector 84B, Sector 85, Sector 97, Sector 98, Sector 99, Shital Vihar, Shiv Park, Sorkha, Sector 93B

Ac on Rent in Ghaziabad – Indirapuram

Why AC on Hire Noida from Us?

When it comes to choosing an AC rental service, you must pick a provider you can trust for quality and reliability.

  • 14+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 9800+ Happy Customers
  • 1000+ Wide Range of Models
  • Reasonable and Transparent Pricing
  • Quick 24-Hour Delivery & Installation
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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Benefits of Renting an AC in Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Benefits of Renting an AC in Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Renting ACs with us provides multiple advantages:

  • Cost Saving – Pay only a fraction of purchasing price
  • Zero Maintenance – We handle all servicing & repairs
  • Flexible Terms – Rent for as little as 1 month
  • Easy Upgrades – Get a new model every season
  • Quick Installation – Hassle-free setup in 24-48 hours


What our clients says about us

We offer top-quality air conditioning rental services to our customers, and if they’re not satisfied, we’ll replace the unit.

“I have been using rented ACs from this company for the past 4 summers and they provide the most reliable service. Their technicians are very professional and install the ACs on time. Whenever I faced a problem, they would immediately replace the faulty unit without any questions asked. They really take full ownership and ensure the customers don’t suffer during the hot summer months. Their affordable prices and timely service make them the best AC rental provider in Noida in my opinion.”

Aman Sharma

Noida Extension

“I had a great experience renting an AC from them last summer. The unit worked flawlessly throughout and I did not have any major complaints. Their staff is well-trained and they respond to issues promptly through phone, email or WhatsApp. They delivered the AC to my home in Noida Sector 62 and installed it properly within 24 hrs of order. For price-conscious consumers like me who don’t want to buy a new AC every year, their rental plans are a boon. I recommend them for their professionalism and providing quality ACs at affordable monthly prices.”

yash jindal
Yash Jindal

Sector 62

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of ACs on rent including window ACs, split ACs, inverter ACs, portable ACs and tower ACs from reputed brands.

The rental charges include delivery, installation, maintenance, servicing, repairs and gas refilling during the rental tenure. No hidden costs.

We deliver and install ACs within 24 hours of booking. Our expert technicians will set up the AC at your preferred location.

Just inform us and we will pick up the AC and provide a replacement model conveniently as per your requirements.

We provide AC rentals across all sectors of Noida and Greater Noida including 15, 16, 18, 37, 51, 62, 71 and 76 along with nearby regions.

We absolutely service Noida Extension, Greater Noida, Greater Noida West and all adjoining areas.

We provide AC rentals across apartments, independent houses, and all kinds of residential setups.

Keep Your AC in Top Shape This Summer.

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool in the blazing summer heat. Follow these simple maintenance tips to ensure your AC runs efficiently all season long:

  • Clean filters monthly to improve air flow. Dirty filters reduce cooling.
  • Hire a technician for pre-summer servicing. This prevents issues.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks annually. Leaks affect cooling capacity.
  • Install a voltage stabilizer. Fluctuating power damages ACs over time.
  • Ensure outdoor unit has open space. Obstructions block airflow.
  • Set 24-26°C temperature. Higher settings burden the AC.
  • Use a ceiling fan with AC. It improves circulation and comfort.
  • Shade windows that get direct sunlight. This reduces AC workload.
  • Switch on AC 30 minutes before use. Let it achieve set temperature gradually.

Proper usage and care extend your AC’s life and lower electricity bills. Contact a technician immediately if you notice odd sounds, poor cooling or error codes.

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Reaching Noida from Delhi Airport:

  • Step 1) Airport Express Line to New Delhi Metro Station
  • Step 2) Change to Yellow Line towards Huda City Centre
  • Step 3) At Rajiv Chowk, transfer to Blue Line to Noida
  • Step 4) Exit at your desired Noida station

Reaching Noida from New Delhi Railway Station:

  • Step 1) Take Yellow Line towards Huda City Centre
  • Step 2) Change to Blue Line at Rajiv Chowk
  • Step 3) Get off at your Noida destination station

Key Info:

  • Total travel time: 1-1.5 hours from airport; 40 mins from railway station
  • First metro from airport: 4:50 AM
  • Last metro to Noida: 11:35 PM
  • Metro fare: Airport + DMRC lines; Rs. 40 from railway station

Main Attractions of Noida & Greater Noida

Buddh International Circuit
Buddh International Circuit
The Grand Venice Mall
The Grand Venice Mall
Oh!Max Dream World Theme Park
Oh!Max Dream World Theme Park
Noida Dog Park
Noida Dog Park
DLF Mall of India
DLF Mall of India
Priyadarshini Park
Priyadarshini Park
Mahamaya flyover
Mahamaya flyover
SkyJumper Trampoline Park
SkyJumper Trampoline Park

About Noida & Greater Noida

Noida lies in India’s capital region. The well-planned area focuses on infrastructure to aid growth. IT businesses and clean water aid the economy and people.

Commerce Hub Big companies open offices in Noida. The metro lines and roads allow easy travel. Graduates find jobs in the many high-tech firms.

Natural Beauty
See the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. Animals and green plants offer views and clean air. Relax at the nice malls. Eat and shop at major stores.

Living in Noida New homes go up for more people each year. Sewer and water services help residents. The literacy rate is high for learning. Roads lead out to see iconic Delhi sights.

Greater Noida lies close to India’s capital as an extension of Noida. The well-planned area aids the region’s growth. Roads connect it just 30 km from New Delhi.

Smooth Travel Wide highways let people easily enter the city. Cars, buses, and trucks move people and goods. The metro lines also help residents get around.

Education Hub Many schools and colleges attract students here. Graduates can find IT and other jobs in the area. Housing options draw families too.

Things to Enjoy Shopping centers like The Grand Venice Mall offer places to eat and have fun. The Formula One race track holds sporting events.

Investment Appeal
New offices, homes, and roads go up each year. Clean water and power aid residents and businesses. The city structure and location appeal to buyers.