With rising temperatures in Noida Sector 137, demand for air conditioners sees a spike during summer. Purchasing a new AC can be costly. Instead, consider renting ACs for a budget-friendly cooling solution.

At AC on Rent in Noida , we provide high-quality ACs on rent in Sector 137201305 across types like:

Rent energy-efficient ACs on rent from leading brands starting at just Rs. 6999 only

Pick the ideal AC tonnage as per your room size:

  • 1 ton ACs for standard bedrooms around 150 sq ft
  • 1.5 ton ACs for medium rooms upto 300 sq ft
  • 2 ton ACs for larger spaces like lounges

Higher tonnage provides faster and wider cooling.

Streamlined Rental Process

Renting an AC with us involves:

  • Call us on 8607539556
  • Schedule installation
  • Delivery and set up of AC
  • No maintenance charges

Why Rent ACs from Us

  • Zero maintenance charges
  • Quick 24-hour installation
  • Free repairs during rental period
  • Flexible 1-12 month rental contracts
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing
  • 24×7 expert support

Stay cool this summer with affordable AC rentals in Sector 137! Get in touch or book online to rent an AC today.

Reaching Noida Sector 137 Metro Station

To get to Noida Sector 137, take the Aqua Line metro operated by NMRC. This line starts at Noida Sector 51.

  • Step 1) At Noida Sector 51, board a train heading towards the Depot.
  • Step 2) Key stops before Noida Sector 137 are Sector 83 and Sector 142.
  • Step 3) Get off at Noida Sector 137 station.

Platform 1: Trains towards the Depot Platform 2: Trains to Noida Sector 51


  • First train to Noida Sector 51: 4:12 PM
  • Last train to Noida Sector 51: 10:12 PM
  • First train to Depot: 4:13 PM
  • Last train to Depot: 10:13 PM

Noida Sector 137 Main Attractions

Noida Dog Park
Noida Dog Park