Split ACs use refrigerant gas for effective cooling. Over time, this gas can leak out and need a refill. But how do you know when it’s time?

How Gas Leakage Happens

Refrigerant gas can leak from your split AC due to:

  • Damage or rust in condenser coils
  • Faulty valves or connectors
  • Improper installation allowing gas leaks
  • Normal wear and tear over years of use

This leads to low gas pressure and affects cooling.

Signs You Need a Gas Refill

Watch for these signs indicating refrigerant leakage:

  • Increase in electricity bills
  • AC taking longer to cool
  • Intermittent cooling
  • Unusual noises from outdoor unit
  • Frost buildup on vents

Don’t ignore these issues to avoid complete gas loss.

When to Schedule a Refill?

If your AC shows leakage symptoms, call an HVAC technician immediately. They will:

  • Inspect for leaks using a refrigerant detector
  • Confirm need for gas refill
  • Safely refill exact gas amount needed

Ideally refill gas before the cooling performance declines. Annual maintenance checks help detect early leaks.

Refrigerant refills can get your faulty split AC running optimally again. For professional gas refilling, contact reliable AC service providers or you can take Split ac for rent in Noida from us [acrentinnoida.in] for assistance.