Selecting the right size air conditioner is crucial for effectively cooling your home. Oversized ACs waste energy while undersized models won’t cool properly. Use this room-by-room guide to calculate your AC size needs.

Living Room

As the largest gathering space, living rooms have high cooling demands. For rooms 300-400 sq ft, a 1 or 1.5 ton AC is best. Larger living rooms may need 2 ton capacity. Wall-mounted split units work well.

Aim for 8-12 BTU per sq ft as a minimum. Have at least one AC outlet per wall to distribute air sufficiently.


Bedrooms range from 100-200 sq ft on average. A 1 or 1.5 ton split AC can comfortably handle cooling and humidity.

Portable ACs are an option for bedrooms under 150 sq ft. For master bedrooms exceeding 200 sq ft, consider a 1.5 ton inverter split model.


Kitchens produce a lot of heat from cooking and appliances. A 1 or 1.2 ton window or wall AC is ideal for kitchens around 150 sq ft. Avoid portable ACs which can’t handle humidity.

Exhaust fans should be used to remove cooking odors, working in tandem with the AC. Ensure ample airflow by placing the AC near windows.

Home Office

Smaller home offices around 80-150 sq ft can use energy efficient portable or window ACs under 1 ton capacity. Split units work better for dedicated home offices over 150 sq ft.

Reduce heat sources by using laptops instead of desktops. Close doors and windows to focus cooling in the workspace.

Dining Room

Window ACs are the most cost-effective option for dining rooms under 200 sq ft. For open concept dining adjacent to kitchens, a powerful 1-1.5 ton split AC is better suited.

Make sure the cold air can reach all parts of the dining area. Central ceiling fans help distribute the airflow.

Carefully calculating your needs room-by-room allows you to rent ACs tailored for optimum cooling. Contact our experts at to determine the perfect AC solution!