The timer function on Voltas window ACs allows you to schedule the AC to turn on or off automatically. Here is how to use this handy feature.

Locate the Timer Button

Voltas window ACs have a dedicated button labeled “Timer” on the remote control. It may also be called “Schedule” on some models.

Understand the LED Indicators

The LED display has icons indicating:

  • Timer mode is activated
  • AC will switch on
  • AC will switch off

Set the On Time

Press the Timer button and use the up/down arrows to set the hours and minutes you want the AC to turn on automatically.

The “On” indicator will glow confirming your setting.

Set the Off Time

Similarly, select the off time using the Timer button and arrow keys. Ensure the “Off” icon illuminates.

Activate the Schedule

For the schedule to take effect, press the Timer button one final time after setting both times. The timer icon will light up.

Important Tips

  • Make sure the remote is aimed at the AC when setting the timer.
  • Check the AC is plugged in for the schedule to activate.
  • Adjust on/off times as needed by resetting the timer.

Now relax as your Voltas window AC will turn on and off at the preferred times daily. Contact a technician if facing any issues with configuring the timer or you can take window ac on rent in nodia from us, as we are leading provider of it with the stock of 2000+ ACs in Noida